Yarnell Hill Fire Tragedy, Stand Down for Wildland Fire Crews In Order

Update: California Fire Service Coalition Safety Stand Down Letter for July 3, 2013. More details here.

In addition to the traditional Stand Down for a moment of silence for the Fallen and general department safety reviews a general Safety Stand Down for all wildland Type 1 and Type 2 fire crews in the Western states should be considered.

Extreme fire conditions due to drought and exacerbated by extreme seasonal weather patterns are presenting conditions outside the norm.

I call on all the U.S. Forest Service and the head of the U.S. Dept. of Interior as well as Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott to come together and call for a general safety review stand down of select wildland firefighting forces they collectively control.


Yarnell is 30 miles from The Granite Mountain crew base in Prescott so it’s likely they were dispatched as  part of the  initial attack response.

*AZ Central has a comprehensive follow up of yesterday’s tragedy with archived video of the Granite Mountain Hot Shot crew as well as a snapshot of the crew taken earlier this year.