Sierra's Carstens Fire Heating, Yosemite Valley Smoked Out

Day visitors and overnight campers in Yosemite National Park were greeted this morning to choking smoke and obscured views caused by a wildfire burning in neighboring Sierra National Forest.

Half Dome, Yosemite Valley

Half Dome, Yosemite Valley

The Carstens Fire burning in Mariposa County has consumed 1,000 acres near Midpines. The wildfire began yesterday off Carstens road near highway 140 in extremely dry fuel comprised of brush, grass, oak and mixed conifers. Prevailing N/W winds predicted at 5 to 15 mph today should push the fire towards higher elevations into timber that has not been touched by fire in decades.
In 2008 the Telegraph Fire burned more than 40,000 acres west and north of the Carstens Fire ground. Cal Fire was first to respond yesterday and the fire is under a joint command now with the U.S. Forest Service. Once the Forest Service takes full command and if it runs beyond the structure protection teams manning the community of Jerseydale expect the team to go to a defensive posture.
Expect extended obscured morning Yosemite Valley views for some days or even weeks to come.

El Capitan, Yosemite Valley

NPS webcams.


  • im2bz4u2c says:

    Where did the fire start and is there any info. on what started the fire?

  • CAL FIRE NEWS says:

    There is no controlled burns I know of, just 1 other lightning fire which involved 1 snag days ago allowed to burn as a WUF USE fire

  • im2bz4u2c says:

    what direction is the fire heading?

  • CAL FIRE NEWS says:

    Winds blew it all away…

    • FireBlogger says:

      I believe some of the smoke is from ‘control’ burn efforts going on in the park but the majority of the smoke is from Carstens Fire. I expect a similar smokey scene in the Valley tomorrow morning and for ensuing mornings as long as Cartens burns.

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Mike Morales

Retired Cal Fire/CDF Fire Captain




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