"Hazardous Material" A Firefighter Mystery Novel by Kurt Kamm.

Hazardous Material by Kurt Kamm is a great read. Kamm’s mystery novel introduces us to Bucky Dawson, a Los Angeles County Firefighter assigned to the HazMat team. Dawson suffers from a painkiller addiction, invited by a job related injury. His addiction plays a central role in the story.
The plot line takes form as Bucky’s unit is called to assist on a meth bust near his station in the California desert. Players on both sides of the methamphetamine culture dominate the pages.
Kamm’s extensive research in HazMat, fire science, meth production and related chemistry, outlaw motorcycle gangs, desert topography and weather combine to paint a realistic image of the world he writes of.
Bucky Dawson is a departure from other characters central to two of Kamm’s previous works. In “Code Blood” the hero Colt Lewis was a somewhat naive rookie fire paramedic. Greg Kowalski, an L.A. County wildland firefighter in “One Foot In The Black” is also very young and green.
Bucky Dawson is a less sympathetic figure. At 31 he possesses years of life and career experience. As his experience unfolds the reader is allowed to accept the chips fall where they may. His experiences, mistakes and truimphs are his.

“Hazardous Material” is available on Amazon.

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