Coast Products Rapid Response Knife and LED Flashlight

A representative from Coast Products asked me if I would review their Rapid Response Knife (version 3.0) and HP14 LED Flashlight. I said affirmative.
I am no knife expert but I know a good knife when it’s in my hand. It took a few tries to get the flip opener to loosen up but once I got the hang of it the knife opened smoothly with one flip of the thumb. The textured handle allows a firm grip. The unit has a built on belt clip which is a nice touch. It’s compact, intuitively engineered and built for duty.

For an extended review this Youtube video offers what an expert knife reviewer has to say about the Rapid Response 3.0 from Coast.

Coast’s HP14 LED Flashlight is a winner. I like the textured stock, the weight and trim. It appears durable and many testimonials posted on the link above indicate it is unbreakable, as advertised. As well as use on the job I could see having one of these bedside and one in the go bag.
What I especially like about the HP14 is the slide focus that allows to you to refine or intensify the beam. The variable dim to bright option via the on/off button is a further bonus. I love this flashlight. A heavy duty sheath (with belt loop) came with the unit I reviewed. I am thrilled to own my HP14, I don’t know how else to say it.

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Rapid Response 3.0

Coast Products HP14 LED Flashlight

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Mike Morales

Retired Cal Fire/CDF Fire Captain