Colorado On Fire

Map Credit; CBS

Blame a combination of drought, high winds, high temps, Colorado Beetle Kill, lightning and arson for the most destructive wildfire season in Colorado in more than a decade. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and to a lessor extent Utah see their fair share of wildfire annually but the 2012 wild fire season began early and presently shows no signs of slowing.

The High Park Fire burning on the outskirts of Fort Carson has already claimed 248 homes. The Waldo Canyon Fire burning above Colorado Springs has forced the evacuation of thousands. Fire authorities are satisfied they will be granted air and ground resources in sufficient numbers to combat advancing flames fronts and protect residential property.

Firefighters are facing temperatures nearing triple digits with predicted winds to 25 mph through Tuesday. Temperatures in Colorado Springs will remain in the 90’s for the next eight days.

This Waldo Canyon Fire is reminiscent of the Monument Fire that struck Sierra Vista in Southern Arizona last June. Persistent SSW winds blew the fire off the Hauchuca Mountains and into residential neighborhoods claiming dozens of homes and outbuildings.

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  • Singinglarry says:

    what a horrible fire you all are fighting, what I need to know, is it safe or even practical to keep reservations in Estes Park? are the roads closed? is the smoke too bad? can someone give tourists any info? Will we just be in the way or are tourists encouraged to keep reservations? Looks very scary, my heart goes out to all the displaced home owners.  

    • Ken Weinert says:

      At the moment there aren’t any fires near Estes Park. There is a statewide ban on open fires, even in established fire pits in campgrounds. I know that at at least some, if not all, campgrounds charcoal fires are banned as well. Gas stoves (like Coleman) are still OK.

  • Thurston says:

    They are now evacuating places not in danger of fire, fearing it’ll double back, which is doubtful. I may be the only one, but this has been handled poorly, as we were evacuated at I25 and fillmore. Many of us know the fire isnt even close, and the fear-agents are whining. It wasnt manditory to evacuate, yet the police(federal) and our apartment building, Fillmore ridge, required us to leave. Typical federal socialist, do-it-or-else mentality. Also, the military at Fort Carson is being held back, claiming they need 40 hrs of training. Our soldiers are trained probly better than the guys up there right now in all kinds of cases. The government need to get off their asses and get these guys up there to help. Colorado truly is a nanny state after all.

  • FireBlogger says:

    Yes BigJim, I do know that and provided links to all the Colorado fires. I did make the distinction between the two primary Colorado fires in the narrative. Thanks for the comment and good luck if you are on the ground there.

    • Ken Weinert says:

      Your narrative says ”
      The High Park Fire burning on the outskirts of Fort Carson” which it is not – that’s all Bigjim was trying to say.

  • Bigjim says:

    The High Park fire is in northern Colorado by Ft. Collins.  Ft. Carson is adjacent to Colorado Springs.  They are not close to each other.

  • FireBlogger says:

    Texas last year, yes. The truth is there are inadequate resources on scene to protect all the homes in danger. Weather is the determining factor in Colorado right now. Thank you for the comment Kate.

  • bigsurkate says:

    Thanks, Mike. It is always wonderful to get your take on these kinds of events. Reminds me of TX, wasn’t that just last year?