Ads On Fire Engines?

Baltimore is considering selling ads on fire engines to help cover a $48 million shortfall and to help keep three engine companies active.

My opinion. If the advertiser can promise a percentage of profits gained from the campaign back to the city – designated directly back to the fire department as well as the money from the ads then why not?


  • Nothing wrong with ads. If it can help fund equipment or other improvements then why not.

  • FireBlogger says:

    I could see a company placing an ad on a fire engine for $30k for a one year period for which the department keeps $20k, the city or county the balance. If done right it could be a huge revenue generator. Think NASCAR…

  • Fire Videos says:

    I think it would be really difficult for a company to provide any type of specific revenue reports that were created from someone seeing an ad somewhere. They would literally have to ask every customer why they were there which would be unrealistic. The only other option would be to have a “promo code” on the trucks that people can use which would link sales directly to that. That would also help the company track the viability of their ads on the fire apparatus. 

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