Brush Fires in New York and New Jersey Force Evacuations

Suffolk County NY issued an evacuation order this evening.

April 9, 2012
(Ridge, N.Y.) – The following information regarding the brush fire in Ridge is updated as of 5:30 p.m.:
Currently, firefighters from 109 departments in Suffolk County have responded to the scene of the brush fire, and 15 additional departments from Nassau County are en route.
A mandatory evacuation is being sought by the Riverhead Police Department for the area north to Grumman Avenue, east to Edwards Avenue, south to Peconic Avenue, and west to Wading River Manor. The Riverhead Senior Center in Riverhead, has been established as an emergency shelter.

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  • Any news on the firefighter?

  • FireBlogger says:

    Wildland is a specialty. Use of your 3/4 inch hard line –wasting water, better use with the 1 1/2 inch, less friction loss is important when you only have a few hundred gallons on board and no tankers replacing. 

  • Fire21FD says:

    I cannot believe that one poor guy is running around out there wearing an SCBA on his back!!  That’s just cruel and unnecessary!!  Same goes for full bunker gear…I hope they get some wildland gear someday soon.  Be safe, brothers and sisters.

  • OMG! that fire looks horrible, I hope that fighters took control over the fire.

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