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Detroit Fire Commissioner – Let Some Buildings Burn To The Ground

I might take the policy a step further. Put the 10,000 abandoned homes designated for demolition on a list and have the fire department identify all the structures on the list that could be burned safely.

Ads On Fire Engines?

If the advertiser can promise a percentage of profits gained from the campaign back to the city – designated directly back to the fire department as well as the money from the ads then why not?

"The Noodle" Should Get The Can. 'Disabled' L.A. Firefighter Moonlighting As MMA Fighter

L.A. city firefighter Rafael Davis was caught moonlighting as a mixed martial arts fighter, under the name “The Noodle:
The 35-year-old was arrested at his Lomita home at 9 a.m. this morning on suspicion of insurance fraud

Brush Fires in New York and New Jersey Force Evacuations

firefighters from 109 departments in Suffolk County have responded to the scene of the brush fire, and 15 additional departments from Nassau County are en route.