What Constitutes Retired – Disabled?

I was okay with this story until it’s revealed at the end of the article he works as a fire captain in his adopted township.

“Cliff Stabner, a 55-year-old city firefighter who retired in 2003 with a three-quarter disability pension of $95,000 annually, has surfaced as a member of the fire rescue team responding to crashes at Dover International Speedway in Delaware. The Post has obtained photos of Stabner wearing an orange jumpsuit and a helmet and standing next to a rescue vehicle at Dover’s “Monster Mile’’ track. Stabner also is a fire captain in his quaint new hometown of Lewes, Del.”

I’m not privy to the details of Stabner’s retirement. I can see how he could crew for a race team, hold a fire extinguisher, man a safety line. If he can function as a fire captain he should not be pulling down a disability pension. Maybe his pension should be redefined.

My disability pension from the state of California specifically states I cannot take a job with a similar job description as my old position, as it should be. If I could carry out the tasks of fire captain and all that goes with the title and responsibility I should still be working.