D.C. Firefighter Sent Home For Wearing Wrong Jacket

File this under, W.T.H.?

I don’t pretend to know the subtext of this issue but on the surface this is ridiculous.

“It was about 35 degrees outside. The training school is out of public view, so I was wearing a blue DCFD coat I had in order to stay warm,” he said. “He told me I’d have to remove my coat. I said I had nothing to wear. He told me I’m being insubordinate and sent me home.”
Alvarado said he has tried to get another jacket, but the department isn’t issuing them. Instead, firefighters are being told to wear the coats they use when they are sent out on calls. He said his is filthy with drywall, dust and soot from a recent fire.
“Got toxins, carcinogens, it’s not something you should be wearing. It’s designed to be in structure fires, not to be worn as a winter coat,” Alvarado said.

Story at MyFoxDC.Com.