California Inmate Firefighter Death Determined As Line Of Duty

Inmate Firefighter Crisanto Leo Lionell’s death Wednesday has been determined to be a Line of Duty Death by the U.S. Fire Administration. USFA’s narrative reads as follows;

Inmate Firefighter Lionell was participating in a training exercise at Camp San Luis when he lost consciousness from a cause still to be determined. Emergency crews treated and then transported Lionell to a local hospital where he ┬ápassed away. Incident Location: California National Guard’s Camp San Luis.

This designation was entirely appropriate. Firefighter Lionell made a commitment to train and be a part of the State of California’s wildland firefighting force. As such he understood the dangers and accepted the potential consequences of his decision. He geared up with good intentions and paid the ultimate price. Condolences to the Lionell family.

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