Fire Truck Ticketed Outside Pittsburgh City Hall

While firefighters were inside getting flu shots — Are you kidding me? Pittsburgh’s Mayor Ravenstahl is not happy about it.

Firefighters tell KDKA’s Marty Griffin that City Council President Darlene Harris asked one truck to move and the police officer followed with her ticket book. The council president says she had nothing to do with it.

“It’s really silly,” Ravenstahl said. “And when I was first briefed on it, I didn’t believe that it happened. I couldn’t believe that somebody would actually ticket a fire truck especially when we’re encouraging them to get a flu shot and stay healthy.”

Darlene ‘darlin’, you will not be reelected next time around. And the female meter maid, parking cop, traffic cop wannabe. You need to reasses your priorities. Some things are just wrong and you crossed the line here lady!


  • fred c says:

    Time to give Darlin’ Darlene the boot … because she couldn’t just park somewhere else for a few minutes or a day, the city will waste thousands in time and attention … what a self-important, self-serving bitch … perfect politician.

  • Are you kidding me? The firefighters are encouraged to get flu shots so they won’t get sick while running the streets all winter long attending to the sick and poor. The city encourages this because it cuts down on sick time not because they are benevolent. One guy comes to work sick and in that environment it can wipe out the whole station causing overtime to go up. It is funny how no one complained that CITY COUNCIL HAS RESERVED PARKING but not emergency vehicles. Have you ever tried parking or driving a fire truck in town never mind going to an EMERGENCY? It’s nuts. Everyone wants Firefighters to show up YESTERDAY when it’s their mother having the heart attack but busts their balls when the take five minutes to get flu shots (and the were still available for emergency calls anyway). Talk about selfish. And how smart does this cop have to be to ticket a fire truck anyway? Cops park illegally all the time. Ignorant, plain and simple.

  • Another guy says:

    It was just another case of a cop being jealous of firefighters (good natured poke at my brethren in blue).

    @yahoo-N46ZL7CSVSVGERR2OWYEKBB5FQ:disqus ….volly vs. paid, what does that have to do with anything, seriously.  That is a tired, old fight.   They were getting flu shot because they are exposed to the FLU, if they are anything like my department, the majority of their calls are EMS, hence exposure to the flu.  City employees on city business (yes reducing the likelihood of illness and possibly workmens comp. claims IS city business) and they need to be in a position to respond, they can park anywhere they darn well please, as far as I am concerned.  And, yes, if they were volunteers in their firetruck, I would say the exacts same thing.

    Check out the comments on the linked article….a pretty ungrateful lot in Pittsburgh, they certainly  DON’T appreciate the firefighters there.

  • james121 says:

    If these firefighters were city employees and not volunteers, which I believe to be the case, I’d make them pay.  Since as city employees, they do for pay, what tens of thousands of other firefighters do out of a sense of community and responsibility, I’d let the ticket stand.

  • A guy says:

    Firefighters vs Councilmembers over parking spaces?  The councilmembers can go park elsewhere in my opinion.  This citizen values one firefighter over an entire council of politicians. 

  • Fred in California says:

    When government runs out of private sector sources to suck cash from, they will turn to other government agencies to keep their cash stream alive.  Looks like Pittsburgh is ahead of the curve here.  History shows that this is the inevitable outcome of socialist (i.e. Democrat) leadership.

  • High Men says:

    I told you we should’ve parked in the Fire Zone!

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