10 Tanker to Texas

10 Tanker, the converted commercial DC-10 air tanker has been called to assist the state of Texas in suppressing the devastating wildfires plaguing the state. 10 Tanker delivers a 12,000 gallon payload of retardant, gel or water and can deliver the load in one drop or a continuous line, whichever best compliments ground units.
The typical air tanker carries a load of 2,000 gallons and most helicopters can deliver loads in the hundreds of gallons. The airship was contracted by the state of California in the last decade until budget considerations ended the relationship. 10 Tanker is still called to fires in California on an on-call basis where it is called Tanker 910. The air tanker has seen action in Australia and Canada. If Texas residents see this airship overhead they can know the state has called in the premiere firefighting tool in the nation.

Here is how she looks in action!


  • Paulvi says:

    the usfs is somewhat lost they have a good 10 tanker and the evergreen 747 to fight fires they why
    is usfs crying like babies

  • T2shark says:

    It would be great if someone thought to send the equipment to fill it and a pilot who could fly it!  Having it sitting around for 2 days isn’t doing Texans any good right now!  Great planning!  Someone should loose their job over this lack of management and prepardness!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it seems like a logistic mess up as they had the aircraft but no way to fill it with retardant. Seems like Austin should have the resources already in place considering the length of the drought and the acreage already consumed over the past two years.