Small Aircraft Crash Ignites the 'Canyon Fire'

Update: 16:15 hours 9/5 Via A dozen homes, 15 outbuildings and several vehicles have been destroyed by the Canyon Fire. Fire estimated at around 9,000 acres. Aircraft being diverted to a new fire in L.A. County.

Update: 07:00 9/5 Canyon Fire is at 3,500 acres with 0% containment. Heading to ridgetops among the local wind farms on the south flank. Structure protection is key today as aircraft support these efforts and drop on flanks. This is a traditionally high wind environment but the wind direction favors burning towards the desert. For more.

Update: 18:45 hours good news and bad news. The good news is this is a Cal Fire/Kern County incident which means they will throw their entire force of resources at it. The bad, “aircraft are going defensive“, not direct and are dropping loads in and around structures. reports “One death (updated to two deaths) related to the crash of a small plane in the mountains southeast of the City of Tehachapi has been confirmed.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    Great vid of the DC10 on the Canyon Fire, btw!

  • Anonymous says:

    Two fires down in LA Co. one of which I saw (and photographed) the header of as we passed thru – the Aqua Dolce area fire, called The Wagon Fire. The second fire is the Mandeville Fire, off of 405 and Mulholland. Fortunately, we decided to go the northern route through Pasadena, because the 405 is a bottleneck. Exciting day to be driving through the LA area, I must say!! Both fires threatening lots of structures, but I read resources were diverted from the Wagon to the Mandeville, so maybe firefighters are gaining on that one, or the structures have better clearance, as some suggest. 

    Hard to keep up, as fire season is definitely heating up. (groan)