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Sheared Fire Hydrant Geyser Image On Google Maps

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I was searching Google Maps yesterday and saw this sheared hydrant on the satellite view.

Lightning Strikes Spark Fires in Sierras

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Early morning air to ground lighting has ignited 40 new fires in the Southern Sierra Nevada’s and Tehachapi’s in Kern County

September 11, 2001 by Tom Dunn FDNY

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September 11, 2001, 0000 hrs. FF Dunn relieves FF Jacobs on house watch dept., personal quarters, in good order.

Austin Texas Fire Chief Vacations as Austin Area Burns

Austin Texas Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr chose to remain on her golf vacation in Colorado as deadly wildfires burned near her city.

Texas Fires Situation Report

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Yesterday Texas Forest Service responded to 22 new fires for 7,544 acres, including 10 new large fires. In the past seven days Texas Forest Service has responded to 181 fires for 118,413 acres.

10 Tanker to Texas

10 Tanker, the converted commercial DC-10 air tanker has been called to assist the state of Texas in suppressing the devastating wildfires plaguing the state. 10 Tanker delivers a 12,000 gallon payload

Bastrop Texas Wildfire

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The Bastrop County Complex Fire has consumed more than 25,000 acres and claimed an estimated 476 homes or structures since yesterday

Small Aircraft Crash Ignites the 'Canyon Fire'

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One death related to the crash of a small plane in the mountains southeast of the City of Tehachapi has been confirmed.