Las Conchas Fire Threatening Los Alamos

Inciweb reports the Las Conchas Fire at 43,597 acres as per infrared data. The fire burned actively all day (yesterday) to the north/northeast. Running, crowning, and spotting up to a half a mile of the head of the fire. Zero containment.

Note; publishes information fed to the site by fire command teams or incident commanders. The data is often 12 to 24 hours old depending on the organization of individual teams.

For more accurate but unofficial updates check Twitter Search or Las Conchas Fire Facebook page.

Las Conchas Fire June 28

Las Conchas Fire Perimeter June 28

Weather for Los Alamos today.

GeoMac View. Red is active burning, yellow within last 12 hours.

Las Conchas June 28 GeoMac Firemapping Software

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