Monument Fire – 40 Homes Destroyed; Army Post in Pre-Evacuation Mode

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Image, Jessica Valdez

The Monument Fire is burning in Cochise County near Sierra Vista Arizona, home to the U.S. Army’s Fort Huachuca. The 10,000 acre wind driven blaze has already destroyed 40 homes and 10 buildings described as “other”. Winds today will gust to 30 mph from the southwest which will push smoke and flames towards Sierra Vista and the Fort.

Monument Fire information from NIFC Southwest Coordination Center this morning.

–MONUMENT (Coronado National Monument- COP) – This human caused fire started 6/12, orginating 4 miles east of Hereford, AZ (31 20 17N, 110 15 00W). It is being managed under a full suppression (perimeter control) strategy in Fuel Model 1 (short grass) by a Type 1 IMT (Poncin, IC). As of 6/15 at 1810, the fire is 17% contained at 9,300 acres with expected containment date of 6/18. Six-hundred thirty-nine structures reported threatened, 7 damaged (residence), and 50 destroyed (40 residence and 10 outbuildings). Difficulty of terrain is high and growth potential is extreme. Extreme fire behavior exhibited yesterday with sustained runs, medium range spotting, and flame lengths in excess of 20-30 feet. Crews made significant progress with handline construction and burnout operations in the vicinity of Coronado Nat. Memorial. Crews continue to secure and mopup the portion of the fire that crossed Highway 92 on 6/14. Continued point protection operations in Stump and Hunter Canyons as pre-evacuation notices have been ordered for all residents from Stump Canyon to Miller Canyon. Seven Type 1 crews, 6 Type 2 crews, 5 helicopters, 39 engines, 1 dozer, 6 water tenders, and other local resources.

Local residents are monitoring and charting the fire on Facebook. One poster commented that her husband who works on the base said the “Post” is on pre-evacuation alert. This is unconfirmed but makes perfect sense considering the predicted wind, terrain, drought dry fuel and so few fire resources on scene.

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Update 5 pm pst from Monument Fire Facebook page;

From Carl Robie
Just a quick note –
Eyewitnesses on the east end of Three Canyons road are reporting that the fire is as far down as Rio Santiago on the north side of Three Canyons. An eyewitness retired fire fighter believes that as many 40 or 50 homes on the north side of Three Canyons may be lost. This is totally unconfirmed at the moment. Again, this situation is very serious and very dynamic. For those who are being turned around at road blocks – have patience.
On the west side of 92, from just south of Dead Bear Draw to the north, when I was there an hour ago, it was not burning. Again, as of an hour ago, the majority of the smoke was being generated on the east side of Hwy 92 in the Three Canyons and Wild Horse area and on the west side of Hwy 92 in the Stump Canyon area.
The Board of Supervisors has just passed an emergency declaration and has forwarded it to the Governor for action.


  • Crickett Hoffman says:

    Ft. Huachuca and Sierra Vista was my home for 2 years and is still home to the best memories of my life.  My best wishes and prayers to you.

  • Truth Teller says:

    Either we stop them at the Border, or we see more of our country go up in flames.  I don’t think there can be any denial that this was acidentally started by people crossing the Border without documentation.  Our government has totally fallen down on the job.  We need these workers, why can’t they give them temporary passes to come and work, and then return home.  What a bunch of idiots.  Both Republicans and Democrats.

  • Dadlldoit47 says:

    I’m wishing good luck to the Folks inSierra Vista. 40 to 50 MPH winds gives the fire the edge. No one should try to fight a beast like this alone. If your told to evacuate get out and remove the problem of the fire crews having to baby sit you.

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