Wallow Fire Enters Eagar

You can see the columns of smoke in the background of the webcam screen capture below. Winds 10 to 15 S/SW through the afternoon. Firefighters on the ground will be involved in hand to hand combat with flames defending homes and property throughout the afternoon and evening.

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The Wallow Fire is officially listed at 389,000 acres with zero percent containment.


  • JJ says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, fire fighters and please know that Almighty God is watching over and protecting you all!  And those of you making the decisions on the strategies, God is downloading Wisdom for your jobs!  You are all so Blessed!

  • Anonymous says:

    That’s good stuff Victoria, I hope the firefighters still in Nutrioso get word of that water cache.

  • Nursevictoria111 says:

    Firefighters THANK YOU!!!!! We have a solar powered well on county road 2315 lot number 44 PLEASE feel free to use the 2 no frost spickets in the lower section near the well there is an 1100gallon holding tank buried up by the house. PLEASE see if anyone can open the control panel of the well and switch the pump back on as the float wire was broken so the pump was not shutting off  and over flowing the holding tank.just leave it on . USE as muchasyou can it is cool excellant drinking water for the structure protection crew in NUTRIOSO

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