Greer Arizona Overrun, Wallow Fire Closes in On 400,000 Acres

Inciweb last night; Greer Activities
Fire has gone through Greer. We do not know the extent of the damage at this time. Firefighters are on scene in Greer conducting structure protection.

From this morning;
6/9/2011 – 6:30 am Fire passed through the village of Greer last evening. Some structures were lost, owners are being notified, we have NO further news here but will update if there is any.

Facebook Greer Group update;
The following input came from the Greer fire department late Wednesday night:
The situation AT THIS MOMENT seems to be better than previously reported in the media and elsewhere, but not as good as hoped for. While the Honeybee Lodge was left untouched in Paradise Mt some others in the area were burned. The fire department saved several houses in the neighborhood so the damage on Wonderland Road at the end was minimal. Heaven Scent came through okay. Don’t yet know about the houses around the Butterfly Lodge Museum. Also some cabins on East Fork were damaged and the Peaks may have sustained some damage around the main building.

The fellows at the fire department said that nothing on the West side of Main Street burned at this time. Molly’s is okay, Sargent’s is okay. Not sure about Red Setter or the house at the end of the road next to Red Setter. One house on Ruhr was burned Also Crosby Acres seems to be spared.

Of course there are many flames still active but there are also hundreds of fire fighters in town to save houses that are still facing problems. Don’t yet know to what extent the damage is on the east side of the street.
We are not out of the woods yet, due to spot fires and trees burning in and around the valley, but tomorrow the wind is supposed to be calming down so that is a big plus. Please understand that as unpredictable as this fire is, status may change, but hopefully the worst is over for Greer. Unfortunately the fire is not done and probably won’t be until the rains come. We will send other info as it is forth coming. We’re pretty sure the fire department is a reliable source.

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  • Diane says:

    Been praying for days sad to hear about the loss of property But have to say I am Happy The Honey Bee Lodge is still standing. Sad to cancel our up coming stay with them but glad we’ll be able to stay in the future. We are still praying for everyone.

  • raveneye says:

    Thanks for the excellent update.