233,500 Acre Wallow Fire Pushes Into New Mexico

The Wallow Fire has scorched 233,500 acres of prime Arizona forest land. The mountain communities of Alpine and Nutrioso have apparently escaped major damage even as the fire swept around and through the towns. Credit expert firefighting if this turns out to be true.

Inciweb has the fire at 233,522 acres with 2,315 fire personnel on scene. Oddly Inciweb offers no containment figures. Inciweb publishes information provided to them from incident management. There is no update on containment or damage assessment in the most recent update.

Wallow Fire June 6

Here is a webcam view from Greer to the west of the fire.

Pre-Evacuation Advisories
· The pre-evacuation notice by the Apache County Sheriff’s Office to the residents of Greer community and the surrounding areas remains in effect.
· Catron County Sheriff’s Office has issued a pre-evacuation notice to the residents of Luna, New Mexico

June 6 satellite image via NASA.


  • AL says:

    I wonder if terrorist are involved in all the fires? I never in all my years remember of so many fires going on at the same time in different states. hmmm?

  • Maggie says:

    Hi, Mike – Inciweb offers no containment figures, b/c Wallow, even now, is still at zero containment. Bad day today, half of AZ was under red flag warning 10am-8pm, and Wallow region had sustained winds of 25mph all day with gusts to 45. Tankers were grounded. Humidity in the single digits. Mandatory evacuation was called for the communities of Greer and Sunrise around 3pm, and Eagar and Springerville, larger in size than the other communities already displaced, were placed on preevacuation notice. Inciweb also tried to distinguish the ‘fire” at 192K acres, with the difference up to 233K acres accounting for the back burn activity added in – but it’s all the same to me, IMHO… Wallow’s now the largest active fire in the nation…it’s a monster.

    Agree with Kate, your blog & comments are much appreciated!  “A little information goes a long way.”  Thanks for all you do.   6.6.11, 10:40 p.m.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a nightmare for all those affected. The photos I have seen show visibility that is almost nil. Thanks for all the coverage, Mike! We got almost 4 and 1/2 inches of very late season rain on Saturday, so fire season will be a bit delayed here. 

  • Anonymous says:

    What a nightmare for the residents there. Photos I saw showed visibility that is virtually nil. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in this.