Wallow Fire (updated maps)

5 pm June 5 updated map below;
Last update from local Arizona media place the Wallow Fire at 180,000 acres, zero containment. Note in the updated GeoMac fire mapping software how the active fire is burning on all fronts. Long range spotting to the north and east will fill in considering the lack of resources committed. Weather will dictate now where the Wallow Fire goes and for how long.

Have a look at the fire progression in only six hours today. Note the easterly run towards the New Mexico border. That side of the fire appears lost completely. On the north and west front it appears firefighters are trying to or have tried to contain it south of Forest Service Road 249 and east Forest Service Road 91. Firing operations may account for the spots on the GeoMac imagery. If they lose that their next containment line might be Highway 260 to the north and Highway 261 to the west. Fire equipment is being staged in Eagar.

GeoMac fire mapping software.


  • Padija says:

    Why is Inciweb off the air….Not on internet??? and is it possible to get a map that has the fire lines and road numbers, State, County and Etc?????

  • russb11 says:

    We had reservations @ big lake for June 12-18. Got a call 2 days oho they were canceled. You are not aloud up there the roads and highways are shut down to traffic going in and towns have been evacuated as well as big lake.

  • Zzubaa says:

    brookchar campsite!

  • Zzubba says:

    i had booked for camping at big lake on July …Just heard abt this fire and want to know if the lake is still a good place to go or not in July? Taking kids for their first camping…

  • Missy says:

    Big Lake is gone.

  • T says:

    can any one tell me if the overfill campgrounds of BIG LAKE have been affected by this fire

  • T says:

    can any one tell me if the overfill campgrounds of BIG LAKE have been affected by this fire

    • MamaT says:

      Why? Are you planning on going camping? If you will notice, on most updated map that Big lake is basically gone. Lots of lakes are. 

    • Padija says:

      All camp grounds are closed….Hwy. 260 to big lake is closed at 368.8 By Hawley turn off..

  • patty says:

    Any news of homes in Los Pinos de Paz area of Nutrioso?

  • mspage5 says:

    I see my cabin iside the perimeter of the fire, God bless the heroes who are fighting those spot fires!

  • Missy says:

    Mike… thanks so much for clearing things up for us. 

    Looks to me like maybe they have built a back burn line to protect Springerville.  We call it Eagarville because they are two towns so close.  You can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.  Am I reading it right?  With the 3 red spots north of Nutrioso?  Also, is there any way to tell if Hulsey Lake is burnt? 

    I see the Little Fire on the west side of Eagarville on the 260?????   Yipes!!!!!  Tomorrow’s winds are supposed to be 25 miles per hour with up to 40 Mile an hour gusts.  Not good.      

  • jaye says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed

  • J larock says:

    what do the red, black, yellow, etc mean?????

    • MIKE says:

      The red dots represents active fire. The red dots away from the main fire are spot fires or possibly firing operations by firefighters.
      Orange indicates fire that has burned in the past 12 hours and Black within the past 24 hours. Yellow is older, generally cool ground.
      The color shades in the vicinity have to do with terrain, past fire history, land ownership, vegetation type among others. Please refer to GeoMac. It’s a pretty cool mapping tool.

  • V42 says:

    ditto on the legend… anyone, Beuller? Looks like my dirt is right on the edge.

  • V42 says:

    ditto on the legend… anyone, Beuller? Looks like my dirt is right on the edge.

  • D Oneal says:

    How do I find a legend for the colors used on this map?

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