California's Cal Fire Poised To Contract With More Local Municipalities


There is a perception that CAL FIRE’s cooperative agreement program is rapidly growing. The truth is that the number of agreements has remained between 145 and 150 over the last several decades. However, in this challenging economy, there is a rise in the number of inquiries from local governing bodies requesting information or proposals from CAL FIRE. Many of these inquires are just part of the local jurisdictions’ due diligence of assuring they are delivering the most cost-effective services to their residents. Public agencies are looking for models of good government and leveraging the financial benefits of working together to provide critical public safety functions.

From Cal Fire’s website.

Since the 1940s, local government entities such as cities, counties and districts have contracted with CAL FIRE to provide many forms of emergency services for their communities. CAL FIRE provides full-service fire protection to many of the citizens of California through the administration of 145 cooperative fire protection agreements in 33 of the State’s 58 counties, 30 cities, 32 fire districts and 25 other special districts and service areas. As a full-service fire department CAL FIRE responds to wildland fires, structure fires, floods, hazardous material spills, swift water rescues, civil disturbances, earthquakes, and medical emergencies of all kinds. Local governments are able to utilize this diversity and experience through their contracts and agreements with the Department.”

Cal Fire Rig

Cal Fire Rig


  • FirefighterBlog says:

    I agree Fire Tips, they are the best wildland firefighting force in the world.

  • Fire Tips says:

    Seeing some of the fires that have blazed through Cali in the last few years has me glad to be in such a secluded place. We get a few wildland fires yearly but nothing the likes of what the guys and gals out there deal with. Amazing firefighter, each and every one.

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