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Public Pensions; A Ticking Time Bomb

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The town of Prichard stopped paying their pensioners and in the wake retired firefighters and other public servants suffered.

Tragedy In Chicago, Two Firefighters Dead In Building Collapse

Two Chicago Fire Department firefighters, Edward Stringer and Cory Ankum died in the line of duty today in a building collapse in a warehouse blaze.

Casting Call – BBC Worldwide Productions Looking For Firefighters

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BBC Worldwide Productions is seeking a host for a new BBC series. They are looking for a firefighter! If you are so inclined contact Rachel

This Is Christmas Spirit

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Fire truck lights! from 10jopi on Vimeo.

40 Dead In Israel Wildfire, Burned In Bus Trying To Flee

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Around 40 people are believed to have been killed in a devastating forest fire raging out of control near Israel’s northern city of Haifa, the country’s ambulance service said on Thursday.