Four Mile Canyon Fire (update)

AP reports eight people are still unaccounted for in the foothills above Boulder today, two days after the Four Mile Canyon charged through the area. Looking from the outside there is total confusion within the Sheriff’s Department who actually, oddly commanded the fire for the first two days.

I hope no one is hurt or worse but from all I can read it seems the Sheriff and his deputies have not completed their damage assessment and communication with affected residents is poor to non existent according to local 9news. Hopefully the missing are tending to their’s or their neighbors properties and will surface once the Sheriff’s office or fire officials get into the neighborhoods.
The Daily Camera reports 140 structures have burned.  Acreage estimates have the fire just under 7,000 acres, official containment numbers are all over the place.

As you can see from GeoMac fire mapping (below)  the fire moved West and South in the past 12 to 18 hours with active spots to the East. I have used GeoMac for a number of years and more often than not their active fire information is accurate. With plenty of resources at the disposal of the Forest Service I suspect these hot spots will get the full attention of air and ground crews. Wind is the only potential enemy at the moment.

Check out this pretty cool social media tool from ESRI. Disaster blogging has come a long way in a short time.

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