Wind Driven Fire Destroys Homes Near Boulder Colorado

High winds pushed flames through the Boulder Colorado foothills overnight burning dozens of homes and causing 3,000 area residents to flee. Fox News reports four firefighters have lost homes in the blaze. The Four Mile Canyon Fire has burned 3,500 acres in rugged terrain northwest of Boulder Colorado.

According to CNN (video included) tankers will take to the air this morning to assist ground crews. CNN quotes Cmdr. Rick Brough of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office., “”If the weather conditions continue that are favorable, we’ll have seven air tankers flying” Tuesday”.

Brough also told CNN Firefighters are working in a “very rugged, steep area” that’s difficult to access, contributing to the challenge. He added it could take several days before the fire there is contained.

Stunning image of the overnight view on TwitPic.

Useful Links.
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Hell on Earth time lapse of the Four Mile Canyon Fire

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