Cowboy Fire Burning In Middle of Nowhere in San Diego County

The Cowboy Fire looks like it will go extended attack, what I look for on Firefighter Blog.  I don’t get too excited with desert fires, however this one has my attention for a couple of reasons.

One you can see the fire via webcam and that is alway interesting. Look here.

Two, I think about the personnel that will be spending their Labor Day doing actual labor, arduous labor over the holiday weekend. There’s nothing glamorous about working a fire in the middle of nowhere, fifty miles from the nearest nowhere. View Larger Map

If this gets any more interesting or the wind comes up or there are any amazing webcam shots I will update.

In any case  I will be sure to tip my hat to the south this weekend and salute the firefighters and support personnel working the Cowboy Fire.  Be safe guys!

Update: Evening Day 1

Some readers will recall coverage here of the Harris Fire in October 2007 when  Lyons Peak was overrun by flames. I blogged the incident and watched the fire ascend the peak where it burned to the base of the towers, all the while the cameras were working. I could have sworn I grabbed screen captures but on looking over my Harris Fire posts I see I did not.
Find more Cowboy Fire updates at Wildland Fire.

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  • Anonymous says:

    And if it is as hot there as it is here, it will be a long and difficult weekend for the FFs. My hat’s off to all of them!

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