Pozo Fire, Room To Run 1,200 Acres in First Three Hours

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The Pozo Fire has burned 1,200 acres since the start at 1300 hours today. The fire is burning in the Los Padres National Forest, east of San Luis Obispo in the central California coast region.

It’s a bit early to pin campaign designation to this but the Los Padres National Forest is an incubator of historically large fires. Major fires that burned in this general region in the past three years include the Basin (162k), Zaca (248k), Indians (79k) and in 2009 the La Brea (90K).
I will roll Pozo Fire updates to this post for the rest of the night at least.  Continuous updates on Wildland Fire and Twitter.

California firefighters have been itching for a big one this season. This may be the one.
Cal Fire and USFS responded initial attack but since the fire made a run into the Los Padres it will likely be a Fed show.

Update; Late Night Day 1
2,500 acres
No Containment, no estimate
Pozo Fire header image from Twitter user @StarFortress.
Fire information from Cal Fire.

Update; Pozo Day 2 Morning

Information is hard to come by without a 209 report. Information sent to InciWeb by Pozo command looks stale. If it is accurate this fire will certainly stall. GeoMac imagery signals there is no active burning along the perimeter. It is possible the overnight crews caught a break and clipped it. More facts will come to light as the day unfolds.

Update; Day 2 Noon
Some activity showing on GeoMac and if this is accurate the fire is still very active with no anchor points and multiple heads.

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Final Update; Evening Day 2
When this fire changed jurisdiction from Cal Fire to USFS information stopped almost dead. What a shame in the modern era of communication with Twitter, FaceBook and 3 and 4G smart phone technology the Forest service can’t get with it and put fire information out there.
Anyway for this fire I had to count on GeoMac which is only sort of reliable. GeoMac says the fire is basically over!  This says a lot about the first responders to the Pozo yesterday afternoon!

Here is the (now fully outdated) information sent from fire command to InciWeb in the past few hours.

Basic Information
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Under Investigation
Date of Origin Saturday August 21st, 2010 approx. 12:34 PM
Location Hwy 58 at Santa Margarita
Incident Commander Dana D’andrea (usfs)

Current Situation
Total Personnel 355
Size 1,263 acres
Percent Contained 5%
Estimated Containment Date Tuesday August 24th, 2010 approx. 06:00 PM
Fuels Involved 6 Dormant Brush, Hardwood Slash Grass/Brush/Oaks

Fire Behavior Multiple spot fires with rapid rate of spread.

Significant Events Incident is merging from state to federal command.

Planned Actions Aggressive fire suppression tactics to include direct line construction.

Growth Potential High.

Terrain Difficulty Extreme.

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