Moscow Shrouded In Smoke, 1.8 Million Acres Scorched

Muscovites advised to hang wet sheets in open windows to filter smoke.

Moscow Area wildfire Smoke Aug 5 2010

Raw footage of various scenes near Moscow. Note the gutsy air tanker drop. (Video from Aug 1)

According to Bloomberg an army air base was overrun by fire destroying buildings and military vehicles. Grain exports have been halted sending wheat futures soaring.
Fifty fire related deaths have been reported. 589 fires are still burning actively.

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  • bigsurkate says:

    Wow, that bomber pass was incredible! Gutsy isn't even strong enough. But he was spot on, wasn't he? Great video, thanks for sharing it. The other great vid on the Russian fires was the one of the 4 guys in the car trying to get out. Poorly shot, sometimes, and I don't understand Russian, but boy did my adrenaline get pumping right along with them.

    These fires are so sad for the country. Reminds me in many respects of the ones in Australia – all the loss of lives, never mind the animals and landscape. Very difficult, even from afar.

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