California Firefighters Chase Lightning Strikes

Cal Fire’s FaceBook feed offers up some impressive stats from yesterday’s lightning storms in Southern California.

‎3,000 to 4,000 lightning strikes occurred this afternoon in Southern California that resulted in several fires within the following CAL FIRE Units:
*Riverside Unit – 22 fires, 19 are contained, 3 uncontained; 1 residence & 1 outbuilding destroyed.
*San Diego Unit – 11 fires, all are contained, 0 structures damaged/destroyed
*San Bernardino Unit – 15 fires, all are contained; 0 structures damagaed/destroyed

Well done!

Further north in Kern County another lightning start has consumed nearly 500 acres near Bodfish. This is rugged country with a fire history. I’m going to watch this one. Updates here.

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