Cal Fire Stations and Camps Mapped On Google Earth has mapped out the location of each Cal Fire station and camp on Google Earth and Google Maps.

Cal Fire Stations On Google Earth

The viewer can zoom in to individual properties where an information filled pop up describes Long/Lat, station name, address and an image of the station or activities associated with the station or camp. For instance, below is a close up look at Rancheria Station near O’Neals in the central Sierra foothills.

Cal Fire Rancheria Station, O'Neals California, Central Sierra Foothills

Zoom out and you see Rancheria Station and its proximity to other Cal Fire stations, air attack bases and the closest camps. invites readers with local knowledge to help edit details and add images of individual properties.

In addition to Cal Fire Stations and camps they offer similar KMZ files forĀ California County Agencies/CalFire Contracted, US Forest Service North and South Zones and California BLM NPS BIA FWS.

Follow the link at the top for all KMZ files offered by Wildland Fire.

Bravo to for bringing us this most useful tool.

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  • bigsurkate says:

    Will some of us worry about privacy concerns, in many instances, this can be a good thing, assuming it is not abused. Thanks for sharing this will us, Mike.

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