First Read: 2010-2011 Cal Fire "Emergency Fire Suppression" Budget Sliced by $32 Mil.

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CAL FIRE Emergency Fire Suppression Expenditures

A decrease of $32.8 million for CAL FIRE’s emergency fire costs. Based on expenditures to date, CAL FIRE’s emergency fire suppression expenditures are estimated to be $255.8 million in 2009‑10. In 2010‑11, the Governor’s Budget proposes a total of $223 million. General Fund for CAL FIRE’s emergency fire expenditures, which reflects the historical average of emergency firefighting costs over the past five years and
additional federal reimbursements.

Full Cal Fire budget hits will be forthcoming. The cuts in “Emergency Fire Suppression Expenditures” looks like it can be worked around. Typically an El Nino year fire season claims fewer acres. This “hit” looks like an easy one for the Governor to make and for Cal Fire to absorb.

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