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Lightning Ignites Wildfires In Northern Ontario, Smoke Affects Boston

There are 34 active fires in Ontario, bringing the season total to 388 with 7,448 hectares affected, well above the 10-year average for this time of year, the ministry says.

Windy May Drying Out the Golden State, High Sierra's Snow Packed

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Persistent, strong spring winds have been drying taller and heavier than usual grasses and lowland brush in California.  El Nino rains brought tall grass and thicker than normal brush to California and the West.

2010-2011 Cal Fire Budget, Gov. Schwarzenegger Spared The Rod

The proposed 2010-2011 budget for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, “Cal Fire” has been published. Governor Schwarzenegger was kind to Cal Fire as he has been throughout his two terms.

First Read: 2010-2011 Cal Fire "Emergency Fire Suppression" Budget Sliced by $32 Mil.

A decrease of $32.8 million for CAL FIRE’s emergency fire costs. Based on expenditures to date, CAL FIRE’s emergency fire suppression expenditures are estimated to be $255.8 million in 2009‑10. In 2010‑11, the Governor’s Budget proposes a total of $223 million.

California Fire Season Kicks Off With a Fire In SoCal – Pedley Incident

The first wildfire of the California and west coast wildfire season has invited a full dispatch with Cal Fire Air Attack, hand crews and helitack resources. The “Pedely Fire” is burning in Riverside County….

Oakland Police Shoot Confused Fawn in Residential Backyard

“Polices spokesperson said there were many children in the area, and the officers decided the deer was a threat to public safety..”