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2010 Canadian-American Police-Fire Games this August 15-22

One hundred police and fire agencies from eight countries have already signed on for the 2010 Canadian-American Police-Fire Games set for mid August in Dublin Ohio.

Sears Stores Discount for Firefighters Saturday April 17

As part of Sears “Salute To Heroes” sales promotional the company will offer a 10% discount tomorrow April 17 to police, firefighters, military, veterans and hospital staff at Sears stores nationwide. Details here!

Mexico/SoCal Quake, Amazing Video

Pretty amazing visual of dust shaken from mountains ringing the Coachella Valley north of the Mexican border.

Apache's On The Job In Iraq. Watch The Rats Scurry!

This four minute clip had me yell out TWICE. Adrenaline rush from my easy chair. Way to go guys!