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Yosemite and Sierra's Blanketed in Heavy Snow (images)

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Yosemite National Park and the entire Sierra Nevada range is covered in feet of snow. This snowpack is important for the state water supply and will have an impact on the coming fire season.

Texas Team Geared Up For Haiti Told to Stand Down

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A Texas search and rescue team and other similar units mobilized to help earthquake victims in Haiti have been told they are not needed. Members of Texas Task Force 1 have been on standby in Houston since Thursday to head to the devastated island nation.

El Nino Slamming West Coast (animated NOAA map)

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It’s rare to see the entire West Coast completely covered by rain and snow. Click here for the map!

Port-au-Prince Should Be Evacuated (Updated)

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Two million people (or more) live in Port-au-Prince and at the moment there is no municipal water or sewer system. Electric power is at best spotty if existent at all.

LODD, Hugh Monroe of the Tolmie & District Rural Fire Brigade

Tolmie & District Rural Fire Brigade member Hugh Monroe died yesterday after the tanker he was driving was involved in an accident on the way to an incident in Victoria’s North East.

Major Earthquake Strikes Ill Prepared Port-au-Prince Haiti

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Hard to believe but the 2 million residents of Port-au-Prince Haiti are served by a single fire station.

Australia Fire Services Advise "Flee Before Wildfire Starts"

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CFS takes a proactive approach to fire safety. In cases of extreme fire weather they advise rural residents to flee or relocate to predetermined safe zones before a bushfire starts.

The Hike; A Fire Story By Retired Fire Capt. Frank Morales

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It was in Arizona, late 1980’s. I was a member of The Sierra Blue Cards assigned to Tuscon Arizona from Fresno California in a Greyhound bus, an 800 mile trip. Once there we laid out on the tarmac of Tuscon International Airport for deployment instructions……