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Global Warming, Global Con, An Aussie View

Take a couple of minutes to look at a series of 4 advertisements running currently in Australia. The final one puts the entire issue in perspective from the view of smaller nations. Australia’s Parliament is in a mess over the government’s position on the matter. This week five MP’s resigned rather than sign on to […]

Video: Cal Fire, "Who We Are" – All Risk

Inspiring Cal Fire promotional video. “Who We Are”, all risk!

Cal Fire Hiring Seasonal Firefighters for 2010

Cal Fire Hiring Seasonal Firefighters for 2010

Beware of Dr. Utopia, He Wants You Shackled

This prescient cartoon from 1948 says it all. Pulled from the pages of Hillbuzz, a site I never thought I’d quote from.

Kaplan Continuing Education Offering Fire and EMS Division

Kaplan Continuing Education (KCE) has launched a Fire & Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division with the assistance of Florida Professional Firefighters Medical Director and former National Paramedic Institute president Dr. Steven Katz. Kaplan’s online continuing education courses offer EMT CEUs online for students recertifying their state certifications. The new division was created to provide established […]

BBC Sounds the Fire Alarm In Yosemite…..In 2050

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….the BBC says Yosemite National Park will burn and we can expect a 20% increase in fire activity in Yosemite by 2050