Monopoly Firefighters Edition is Family Fun

STP60676The family sat down last Saturday night for a game of Monopoly. We hadn’t played the game together for some time so with our oldest son home from college for the weekend we grabbed the opportunity.

Going in the family knew it would be tough to beat Dad but they were determined to give it a try. This time we were playing “Monopoly Firefighters Edition”, a new game theme developed for Parker Brothers with a firefighter theme.

I chose the fire engine as my game token, my wife was the fire hydrant. The boys chose the dog and boot tokens. Same game, new names for pieces and properties but it’s the old Monopoly. You grab properties, make deals and eventually destroy your opponents.

The family has a policy of not trading with me so I was frozen out of the deals until my wife made a fatal error. She offered a key property to me for $2,000 that exhausted my funds but it gave me a monopoly. Silly girl!

With a foot in the door I purchased houses one at a time. By dodging other well housed properties and luckily hitting Free Parking more than once I journied on. Long story shortened they began falling. College boy dropped first, followed by the kid genius, our high school junior. My wife held on as long as she could but when she landed on “Fire Chief Avenue” otherwise known as Illinois Avenue with a hotel it was all over.

The legend continues, Dad is the Monopoly champ of the family.

If you are looking for a superb gift for your fire service family member or firehouse brothers this game is a winner. Click here for game information.


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