Station Fire Flair Up, Advancing Eastward

Station Fire Incident Commander Mike Dietrich stated at his 5:30 press briefing tonight, “We have not yet turned the corner on this fire”.

The Mercury News reports per Dietrich that the fire has advanced to the east and southeast. The fire is now less than 5 miles from the community of Juniper Hills in the Pleasant View Ridge Wilderness Area. As well, “crews also were fending off new fire activity on the southeastern end of the fire and trying to keep the blaze from burning into Santa Anita Canyon and Chantry Flats north of Arcadia and Monrovia.”

This kind of reminds me of the Zaca Fire. When it looked like things calmed down it always turned out to be a headfake. Recall that fire burned for two months only 70 miles north of the Station Fire ground.

Another great Station Fire news source is the Mt Wilson Observatory fire blog.

The beast still lives! Towercam image from 20:11 hrs Sept 5.