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Lockheed Fire Wrapping Up

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Praise Cal Fire for the quick, professional and effective response to this incident. Let no one doubt this is the most remarkable firefighting force on the planet. Another textbook fire response. Two outbuildings destroyed, a few thousand acres, no serious injuries. There was some hand to hand combat by Cal Fire and cooperating agency engine […]

Lockheed Fire Update

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Image Cal Fire (fair use) Lockheed Fire Incident Information: Last Updated: August 14, 2009 6:30 pm Date/Time Started: August 12, 2009 7:16 pm Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Mateo – Santa Cruz UnitCounty: Santa Cruz CountyLocation: Bonny Doon area – Smith Drainage Acres Burned: 5,036 acresContainment 15% containmentStructures Destroyed: 2 outbuildings damaged Threatened: More than […]

La Brea Fire Estimated Over 100,000 Acres

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No, this is not a government estimate, draw your own conclusion as I have. The Zaca Fire burned over 230,000 acres in 2007 and took two full months (60 days) to control. The La Brea Fire has burned about a week and has consumed nearly half the acreage of the Zaca. Look at the image […]

La Brea Fire Pushing East and Southeast

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Updated Image below; from Noon today Predicatively the La Brea wildfire is moving now with the prevailing winds. This wind and terrain driven fire will continue to move east and southeast through unburned areas of the San Rafael Wilderness within the Los Padres National Forest. The advertised acreage is just under 67,000 but figuring infills […]

Lockheed Fire Google Earth Images

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Lockheed Fire looking north from Bonny Doon town limits above Thayer Rd.

Lockheed Fire

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Updates included below– This area has not burned in decades. Terrain is steep and vegetation varies from virgin redwood stands to thick manzanita and pines. FEMA has taken note and issued a “Fire Management Assistance Declaration” due to the proximity of the fire to the Lockheed rocket development facility in the fire’s path. The fire […]

La Brea Fire Meets Zaca Fire Perimeter

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The La Brea Fire has pushed hard to the south and has met the two year old boundary of the Zaca Fire. The current acreage is presented as 25,000 or so but that is a fabrication, this fire is double that if the GeoMac heat impressions are accurate. So what happens now? We know the […]

You Order, You Pay. La Brea Fire May Usher In New Era Of Interagency Cooperation

The La Brea fire may be offering hints of a new direction in the long standing cooperative agreement between Cal Fire and the Feds. Mike Dubrasich, Executive Director of the Western Institute for Study of the Environment shared with Firefighter Blog readers the following passage in last evening’s 209 report. “At 1200 the fire entered […]

Zaca Fire Remembered

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I found this video essay embedded on Google Earth. The photos are put to the soundtrack of the movie Braveheart. In an odd way it works. Both the fire and movie were epics. As we are reminded at the end of this essay the Zaca Fire burned for 2 months and claimed over 240,000 acres. […]

La Brea Fire Maps

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You will have to click the images to get a better view of these images I grabbed from Google Earth. I got the KML files from the Fed Active Fire Maps website. The first view is looking west from over the Carrizo Plain with Santa Maria and the Pacific Ocean in the background. The next […]

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