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Station Fire: Maps, News Links, More

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The best local coverage of the Station Fire and other blazes burning in Southern California is on The LA Times as usual does a fantastic job of covering the fires as well. Of course Twitter Search is also abuzz with local insights and also where I found this time lapse video. Time Lapse Test: […]

Station Fire Maps, Google Earth Views

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The Station Fire ice capped mid afternoon providing Southern Californians with a spectacular view of the fast growing blaze. Everyone in the Southland can see this fire. I grabbed the images below from Google Earth using the USFS kml files from the MODIS Active Fire Program site. Click on the images to enlarge. Looking up […]

Station Fire; Angeles Crest

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The Station Fire is currently reported at 5,500 acres with minimal containment. As you can see from the GeoMac image below the fire has multiple heads. Though there is not any wind event present or in the forecast it bears watching. Fuel moisture content is extremely low and the weather is hot. I took this […]

Yosemite Fire: Prescribed Burn Gone Bad

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……and the idea was poorly thought out from the start. Middle of Summer, heat wave forecast. What could go wrong? It is called the Big Meadow Fire burning in the Foresta area. Wildland Fire guys are updating details. National Parks Traveler has some information as well. Planning prescribed fires in Yosemite in the Summer is […]

Athens Greece Fires in Video

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Youtube is the best source for raw footage and photo compilations for this incident. In our country we rightfully preach safety as paramount. To that end we rarely see civilians actually manning fire hoses or beating flames with towels and branches. There is something very refreshing seeing citizens taking matters into their own hands to […]

New Greek Fires Satellite Imagery (Aug 23)

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Athens Greece under assault. Click image to enlarge (Κάντε κλικ στην εικόνα για να καταστήσουν μεγαλύτερο) From NASA Rapifire

Greek Fires Video of Air Assault

Maryblue on iReport has some incredible video of the Greek Wildfires. Notice in this video how close to the ground these aircraft get. Montanan David Jamsa lost his life last week flying in a similar aircraft in a fire near Reno. Follow the fires at Twitter #grfires.

Greek Fires Satellite Imagery

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A quote from the Mayor of Marathonas: ‘I fear that unless the fire is contained during the night we will see nothing left standing by sunrise,’ said Spyros Zagoris, the Mayor of Marathonas. Story The fires are being pushed by gale force winds and aircraft was pulled for the night. Hopefully civilians have fled the […]

La Brea and Lockheed Fires Satellite View (From 8/13)

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The satellite image below is of the La Brea and Lockheed fires taken by the folks at NASA’s MODIS Web on August 13. Note the movement of smoke and fog. Click for a larger version

Tanker Pilot Dies In Nevada Wildfire

Dave Jamsa the pilot of a single engine air tanker (SEAT) died yesterday, August 20 while fighting the Hoyt Fire in northern Nevada. This (Hoyt) fire is in a remote area east of Dixie Valley, about 20 miles north of U.S. Highway 50. There are three “line cabin” structures reported in the area, used by […]

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