Station Fire Path; Where's It Headed?

The 105,000 acre Station Fire is headed east with some movement north towards Acton. As the fire continues its eastward trek it should stay in the Forest and away from populated areas.

According to GeoMac the fire appears to have crossed Highway 2 north and east of Mt Wilson. The USFS Google Earth kml overlay lags GeoMac but both mapping services indicate where the fire is headed on its eastern front.

As it looks the fire is headed towards Crystal Lake and Highway 39.

The image below is from Google Earth using the USFS kml overlay that mimics the GeoMac heat detection software.

The views below are pointing west at the advancing fire from above Crystal Lake.

NorthTree Fire International has put together this map of the fire perimeter. NorthTree is THE fire mapping service.



  • Jody Takes Pictures says:


    I'm so glad you took my advice and decided to post about our "little" fires down here! Having been out on the lines of the Station Fire, I can tell you that it's a monster. The media can describe it's size with as much imagery as they want, but until you have to drive from one side of it to the other, the immensity just doesn't hit home. It took me almost an hour to drive from base camp up Soledad Canyon and into Aliso Canyon. This thing is truly unbelievable.


  • Mike says:

    Thanks NorthTree. I posted your Google map above!

  • NorthTree Fire International says:

    Hi Mike,
    We are not assigned to the Station Fire, but we are following it, and have been putting together Google Maps overlays of the mapping that the site releases as KML files.

    Here is a link to our mapping.
    Also you can view a larger map, or embed the map by going to this link and copying the code from the 'link' on the right side.