Lockheed Fire Wrapping Up

Praise Cal Fire for the quick, professional and effective response to this incident. Let no one doubt this is the most remarkable firefighting force on the planet. Another textbook fire response.

Two outbuildings destroyed, a few thousand acres, no serious injuries. There was some hand to hand combat by Cal Fire and cooperating agency engine crews, dozers, hand crews, helicopter and air tanker pilots that saved dozens of homes in and near Bonny Doon, Davenport and Swanson.

Note: I think it’s funny that Fox News and the other news agencies are blasting this fire all over the airwaves as an ongoing emergency. Better really late than never. The Governor is planning a photo op near the fire lines today as well.

Proximity to the populous S.F Bay Area invited the press to the Lockheed Fire and that made it sexy.

The more interesting fire is the La Brea Fire in the Los Padres National Forest, 150 miles to the south.
The closest population center to the 100,000 acre La Brea Fire is Santa Barbara.
2,000 firefighters are sweating on the lines in the national forest and their contributions should be acknowledged.

Another fire burning out of control with the same proximity to the Bay Area as the Lockheed Fire is the Corral Fire near Livermore. Cal Fire surrounded that runner as well with no media fanfare.
Remarkably in all three fires not one home burned!


  • Midwest Fire Trucks says:

    Thank you for sharing this article, I just subscribed to your blog.

  • Anonymous says:


    But they were a lot closer to the fire than Santa Barbara.

  • Mike says:

    Santa Maria was never in danger so the media discarded this fire.

  • Anonymous says:

    I'll be sure and let the folks of Santa Maria know they are not a "major population center".

  • kshirley says:

    I thank God that these fires seem to be under control…may they be really snuffed out completely…and soon.

  • Mike says:

    Thanks BCFD36, I knew that, actually spent a night at that station one night long ago. I'm slipping.

    Beachdog: 40% containment means the firefighters have put a line around that much of the fire. Firefighters want to keep residents out so the roads remain accessible.

    There does remain a minute chance the fire could break out again and threaten Bonny Doon but even if it does there is likely a structure protection engine crew still situated close to every home.

    By wrapping up I meant the this fire reached its apex and now it is all about tying up loose ends and releasing individual units.

    If I owned a home in Bonny Doon I would no longer worry.

  • beachdog67 says:

    With CalFire calling 40% containment and predicting full containment on August 23, and 2500 residents still evacuated, I have to wonder how you define "wrapping up".

  • BCFD36 says:

    Only one correction… SwanTon not Swanson


  • Kayce says:

    Yes, praise to Cal Fire for all they are doing through out California! Thank you to each and every firefighter working the fire lines right now!