Lockheed Fire

Updates included below–

This area has not burned in decades. Terrain is steep and vegetation varies from virgin redwood stands to thick manzanita and pines. FEMA has taken note and issued a “Fire Management Assistance Declaration” due to the proximity of the fire to the Lockheed rocket development facility in the fire’s path.

The fire has burned close to 2,000 acres in the first 12 hours.

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Update: 11:00 am

The Lockheed Fire has burned 3,000 acres and is spreading in all directions. Zero percent containment with spotting deep into Big Basin Redwoods State Park according to the image below from GeoMac.


  • Andrew says:

    Great to see all these comments..

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  • BCFD36 says:

    I'm sending a private message too, but just in case…

    I told my Chief about GeoMac. He wanted to know how often it is updated. Anyone know off the top of their head?

    Best email for me is as follows, without the blanks or the q's:
    davidq . lq . scruggsq @ lmcoq . com

    Remove the blanks and q's.

  • Mike says:

    BCFD, Once on GeoMac hit the "mapping" option on the front page. Once there use the pull down menu to find the fire. Once to the fire you want use the menu on the right column and chose
    "modis thermal" and "HMS Thermal" buttons as well as the cities, roads and previous fires.

    Let me know if you have trouble.
    My email is mikeswebmail@gmail

    Best to you!

  • Anonymous says:

    Fire crews (reportedly 20 engines)are making a stand at the llama ranch on Bonny Doon Rd. The fire is in the canyon below the road. They're trying to keep the fire from spreading into Bonny Doon itself. Mandatory evacuations coming in now for parts of Bonny Doon. All major roads in the area closed, but there's still too much traffic on our road! Please stay out of the area if you don't need to be here, as everyone is trying to get their animals and leave. (Posted by a Boony Dooner.)

  • BCFD36 says:

    So how do you get the red sections on the map? I am not having any luck. And I have turned EVERYTHING on.

    Boulder Creek Fire and Felton Fire have water tenders on the fire. Our offer of an engine immediately to Lockheed was turned down (after the dispatchers were able to breathe again). When a strike team was called, they stopped at Ben Lomond. Ben Lomond Fire, Felton, Zayante, Brancheforte, and Scotts Valley are all getting to play.

    We hiked up to the top of Eagle Rock about 11:30 last night. Quite a show. Wind 20-30 blowing in from the ocean. Several major flare ups were observed.

    D. Scruggs
    Boulder Creek Fire

  • Mike says:

    That makes sense. the latest GeoMac images and the weather satellite show the fire moving south.

    Unless you are a fire professional or have firefighting experience I would leave.

    Everyone remembers the Martin Fire a couple of years ago?

    Only two roads out and nowhere to hide in Bonny Doon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bonny Doon friends are getting mandatory evac calls…

  • Mike says:

    I lived on Empire Grade by the camp at the summit. I am kind of surprised you cannot see or smell smoke where you are near Pine Flat Road.

    It appears the fire is up Empire Grade closer to Jamison Creek and then back down to the Lockheed plant. It has a long way to go to get to you and resources are pouring in.

    The afternoon marine influence will bring the smell of smoke your way I would guess.

  • Anonymous says:

    still not smelling the smoke up here on Empire Grade (near Pine Flat) does anyone have a kml-format map?

  • Anonymous says:

    The town of Davenport has been evacuated, as have the communities of Swanton and Last Chance Road. Portions of Bonny Doon are under a voluntary evacuation—the fire is moving towards Bonny Doon Road. (Posted by a Bonny Dooner.)