La Brea Fire Maps

You will have to click the images to get a better view of these images I grabbed from Google Earth. I got the KML files from the Fed Active Fire Maps website.

The first view is looking west from over the Carrizo Plain with Santa Maria and the Pacific Ocean in the background.

The next image takes a look at the La Brea Fire perimeter from the North.

This image shows a perimeter perspective from overhead. As you can see there is a 360 degree active flame front.

Perimeter map of the fire from Inciweb.

This fire is much larger than the published 10,500 acres mentioned 24 hours ago. Without access to current ICS 209 reports we have to wait on the Pincha-Tulley crew to update Inciweb.
This will be an interesting incident to observe, the combination of Wilderness designation and lack of firefighter access presents an unusual combination for a California fire.


  • Mike D. says:

    5 min ago InciWeb reported 20,622 acres.

    Also, the Martin Mars Waterscooping aircraft will be flying the La Brea Fire today.

  • Jess and Jen says:

    I downloaded the MODIS image from yesterday (Aug. 10) and the perimeter from NIFC. I edited the perimeter and calculated ~30,000 acres around noon yesterday.