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Spain Wildfires Raw Video

Odd Fire Season To Date

It’s windy here in the central valley of California. Hot and windy as it has been for the better part of the last month. The foothills are dry, tinder dry bearing dead and downed oak at a level not observed by me personally since the early nineties. The Sierra Nevada Range has been under daily […]

Rest In Peace Firefighter Thomas Marovich

Friend of firefighters Kate from Big Sur posts the notice here. Condolences to Firefighter Marovich’s family and friends. Too young to die. Images of Memorial for Firefighter Marovich at

Railbelt Complex 2009 – Aerial Firing Operation

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The video shows a textbook aerial firing operation within the Railbelt Complex in Alaska. The narration is helpful in explaining how the operation is carried out and the benefits of undertaking such an operation. [youtube=]

Nice List Of Fire Sites and Firefighter Blogs

FireCritic compiled a nice list of fire related sites including fire and EMS blogs. I am proud to say Firefighter Blog was included. Much appreciated Fire Critic!

Supertankers Standing Guard Over California

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The Cal Fire air program secured the use of the massive 747 Supertanker for the 2009 fire season according to Rim Of The World.Net. This amazing aircraft, with its 20,000 gallon payload joins Tanker910, the State contracted DC-10 behemoth in Victorville.Both aircraft will be less than 45 minutes to any spot in Southern California. Tanker […]

Twitter Followers

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The count is coming close to 2,000 followers for my FireBlogger Twitter account. Thank you to everyone that has added my updates to their queue. I said this 9 months ago and believe it more than ever today. Twitter is trumping blogs. Twitter Search reveals real sentiment, real news in real time.

Happy 4th Everyone

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