No Fires So I Guess I'll Scribble

Thanks to wildland fire professionals in California and the Western US every brush or timber fire that has started over the past month has been stomped out quickly. This is good news. The State deserves a break after last year.

In the meantime I am using the down time trading-researching-positioning my stocks and following world news and current events.

I’m waiting for the California budget to be presented and fully expect to see Cal Fire and other state agencies to get hit hard. Camp and station closings seem to be a given, hiring freezes, if not already in place will be soon.

I feel sorry for all aspiring firefighters, what is already a tough career to break into will now become nearly impossible to enter.

I like to read the writings of Victor Davis Hanson. Dr Hanson’s vast experiences allows him to put the problems of California in a proper perspective.

One of Dr Hanson’s commenter’s came up with a line too good to not repeat. The comment applies to the broad view of the new America.

“Our future consists of ogres and bridge trolls in innumerable well Fed agencies empowered with police powers, not only to rebuke, but conduct inquisitions and punish the sinful.”

This is ACORN, a very scary organization with tentacles reaching into dozens of “well fed” agencies all with the intent of serving the new Fed, The Borg.

They are funded now to an extent no one has reported. They will come knocking and when they do watch what you say. Their database will note who has been naughty and who has been nice.

Our only power is the vote and the 2010 mid terms are coming into view as the most important election in our Country’s history. If the Dems. maintain control of the House and the Senate can maintain their 60-some seats we are finished.

You can pencil in a second term for this president and his policies if 2010 goes south.

China, who holds more of our debt than any other country is hedging this scenario by cutting deals with Brazil and Australia for oil, minerals and investments. They are also hoarding some precious and rare metals like magnesium because they understand once commodities inflate they want to have the materials necessary for growth on hand. They are also proposing a new world currency that would replace the American dollar as the reserve currency of the world.

At least someone recognizes what a $12 trillion debt will bestow upon us. The Chinese don’t want to be holding devalued U.S debt when the crap (inflation or default) finally hits the fan.

My $400 PG&E bill will be going even higher if the Senate goes along with the House and passes the Cap-N-Trade bill.
The line at my various doctor’s offices will get longer if the president gets his socialized medicine program.

Doctors are already quitting. If the press was to do their job they would find this out and report it. Under socialized health care you will be screened by a nurse and wait in another line to see a physicians assistant.

Specialists will be seen by only the sickest and in many cases these patients will be too sick to help. One of the arguments the social medicine crowd have made from the start is we try too hard in America to prolong life.

Life is important. Bio tech stocks can double their market cap in a day if they present data that shows their new drugs might possibly add a few months of life of a terminal patient. Why is this?

We honor life in the USA, we reward those that can prolong life. Don’t present a new policy that holds as its core reasoning that we try too hard to prolong life!

Ask an Oncologist in the UK, Canada or Cuba if they have access to the most advanced drugs in their arsenal for treatment. Ask him or her if they wish they had access to those drugs.

This may not mean too much to the ACORN kids running around with their clipboards taking notes but it does to me and my friends and relatives that have been around awhile.


  • Anonymous says:

    Yawn, I tuned out Hanson as soon as noticed that in his eyes a Democrat could do no right, and a Republican no wrong.

    Just another guy with a axe to grind, though he does a better job of putting a veneer of scholarship on it than most.

  • Mike D. says:

    The GACC's are days behind, or else do not report the latest fire intelligence. Do you have any way of getting the daily reports?

    And is this new opacity of information deliberate? Have you heard of a new level of secrecy instituted by the NIFC?

  • Mike says:

    Hi Mike, I see the two smaller fires in Yosemite are being "managed". I'll have a look at the Sequoia NF incident.

  • Mike D. says:

    Two fires just E of you, Grouse Fire in Yosemite and Shotgun Fire in Sequoia NF.

  • Anonymous says:

    It seems strange that you seem unhappy and consider us "finished" if the Dems maintain control. I recall Dick Cheney telling us that deficits don't matter, and that was good enough to allow the previous administration to run up debt like no other. From what I read the present increases in deficit are pretty similar, and much of the money spent is as loans. Maybe we will get some back. With the big mess things were in something had to be done. If people didn't want this to happen, why did they let their chosen representatives screw things up so badly that the government had to approve the biggest stimulus bill in history just to hold things together while they packed their bags to get out of Washington?