Thermo-Gel On The Job In Santa Barbara

Thermo-Gel was on the job in Santa Barbara last week. A homeowner protected his house from the advancing flames of the Jesusita Fire and left a note for firefighters indicating the home had been “gelled”.

The images below were provided to me by the fine people at Thermo-Gel. Notice the sign on the porch entrance.

“This House Was Protected With Thermo-Gel”

The flames came right up to the home. This homeowner did many things right, tile roof, stucco siding and an application of gel. He gets a ding for allowing giant oak branches to hang over the house but overall he gets a high B for preparing a home for life in the wildland-urban interface.

Best of all no firefighter had to risk their life to save this home!


  • Kevin says:

    great photos. as structural firefighters we train to identify the save / do not save structures. Seems so many do not know/ or payattention to the basic things they can do to put their homes into the "save" category. Knock on wood, it is heating up here in BC right now. Kevin Needham, Captain / Training Officer Mill Bay Fire, BC, Canada

  • Castle Defense says:

    That is great to see the products in action. It brings awareness to what is available for homeowners and it shows how a homeowner can safely protect his home and evacuate, without jeapordizing the safety of others.