Thermo-Gel Protects Your Home From Fire

Thermo-Gel should be in the garage of every rural home. I could write about the product all day but the video below tells the story of this remarkable product. Watch and see for yourself how Thermo-Gel works. After you do click this link for facts about Thermo-Gel.


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  • Mike says:

    Thank you for the comment Dave. I think this is a fantastic product. Every home or business in a fire country should have a supply on hand.

  • Dave Egbert says:

    I agree Thermo Gel is an awesome product for saving homes from fire. Here in Big Sur, gelled homes made it through without hardly a singe. But I must remind people to read the directions carefully. If you leave the gel on too long, it WILL damage paint, exterior finishes, window seals, class A roofs. Plus it does do some serious damage to landscape plants.
    Again, put it on as recommended and only leave it on the minimum amount of time as per directions. Make sure to re-hydrate it!
    Great stuff, I keep a homeowners kit with hose-end spray kit right next to the back door.