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California Budget Woes, Cal Fire Particulars To come

Reports from various sources hint that Cal Fire stands to lose $17 million from their budget due to the State being broke. One source quotes the Governor declaring there will be a 5% pay cut across the board for state workers. Other sources suggest Governor Schwarzenegger wants to eliminate the California Youth Authority, another consideration […]

Police Services Consolidating, Preview To The Future Of California?

It’s happening, from state level to municipalities police services are running out of money. Yesterday the USA Today reported on the phenomenon and cited some examples of affected communities including the Palm Springs area in California.“In Southern California, Indio and its neighbors Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs, Cathedral City and Beaumont have merged some key […]

Thermo-Gel On The Job In Santa Barbara

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Thermo-Gel was on the job in Santa Barbara last week. A homeowner protected his house from the advancing flames of the Jesusita Fire and left a note for firefighters indicating the home had been “gelled”. The images below were provided to me by the fine people at Thermo-Gel. Notice the sign on the porch entrance. […]

New Threat to California Cuts, San Quentin Prison

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Last week California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to cut firefighters from the state budget in a deliberate attempt to scare voters into accepting his package of initiatives coming to market May 19. That didn’t impress anyone so I guess selling San Quentin prison and the L.A. Coliseum and a few other odd holdings like the […]

Jesusita Fire Tankers Diverted From Closest Base

The Fresno Bee reports tankers assigned to the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara were forced to use the Porterville Air Attack Base for reloading instead of the much closer Santa Maria Airport. The first tankers on scene Tuesday were able to reload one time in Santa Maria before being diverted to Porterville, double the distance […]

Jesusita Fire Info, Satellite Images, Maps, Links

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Updated Info at County of Santa Barbara. Tanker 910 is on scene. KEYT reports here. Only fire officials can answer why the contract supertanker was not called in sooner. NOAA Sat Animation GeoMac InciWeb is up and running with Jesusita Fire information here. Current Situation Total Personnel 2,335 Size 3,500 acres Percent Contained 10% Fuels […]

Thermo-Gel Protects Your Home From Fire

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Thermo-Gel should be in the garage of every rural home. I could write about the product all day but the video below tells the story of this remarkable product. Watch and see for yourself how Thermo-Gel works. After you do click this link for facts about Thermo-Gel. [youtube=] Firefighter Blog is proud to have Thermo-Gel […]

Santa Barbara Still Losing Homes

Homes are still burning in Santa Barbara as the Jesusita Fire spreads tentacles of flame through canyons and into neighborhoods. The Governor declared a state of emergency on earlier this week that allowed fire officials to order up all necessary resources, so what happened? According to discussion on Wildland Fire more resources have been called […]

Jesusita Fire Maps and Links

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Images from Google Earth Map from KCOY Local Coverage KCOY.comDiscussionSearch TwitterLocal Video

Jesusitas Fire Taking Out Homes in Santa Barbara County

From a distance the Jesusitas Fire that began last evening looked fairly benign. Fire officials were “cautiously optimistic” this morning that firefighters would be able to lock this one down with minimum acreage and property loss. Optimism was dashed late this afternoon as brisk offshore winds carried embers into adjoining neighborhoods resulting in numerous multi-million […]

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