Swine Flu Twitterers Of Note

Bird Flu Gov One-stop access to U.S. Government bird and pandemic flu information.

CDC Emergency CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response: increasing the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies.

CDC Flu Get notified whenever any new or updated documents are posted anywhere on the CDC Flu Website. www.cdc.gov/flu

CDC eHealth CDC eHealth Marketing: CDC.gov and interactive media projects. Delivering science-based health & safety info when where and how you need it.

Standing Firm CM Catherine Mitchell

WHO News World Health Organization – the directing and coordinating authority within the UN system for public health

Flu Trackers A nonprofit that is composed of a diverse group of citizens from many countries who follow and document emerging and re-emerging disease.

Health Map Public website bringing together disparate data sources to achieve a unified view of the current global state of infectious diseases


  • Tom says:

    Hello. I would like to make contact with the man who administers this blog. My name is Tom Murtagh and I work for an advertising agency which is creating an online social marekting campaign for the California Fire Alliance.

    See our Facebook page, here:


    We are trying to get the word out to people in California about things they can do to keep their homes safe in the event of a wildfire.

    I like your blog and am now following you on Twitter as well.

    I am wondering if you might be willing to get the word out to other people. I do not see a Facebook link on your blog. Would you consider joining Facebook or have you done so separately?

    We are really hoping to get the word out as far and wide in California (And beyond…) as we can about wildfires. We would love to involve as many active and retired firefighters as possible as you are the people who risk your lives for the rest of us.

    I can be reached at 818 340-1200 x 101. I can be reached by email at Tom@themissioncontrol.net.

    Again, you will see me as Tom Murtagh on Twitter where I am following you already.

    Really hope to hear from you as I think going into fire season in the third year of a drought, prevention and preparation are going to be important. Thanks so much for your time, your blog and your time risking your life for the rest of us.

    Tom Murtagh

  • Billy says:

    Scary stuff. Seems the masks are the priority item #1, what are #2 through #5?

    Bill Leonard