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Swine Flu Cases Plotted on Google Maps

Swine Flu Cases Mapped View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map(grab map with your mouse to move map around)

Swine Flu Twitterers Of Note

Bird Flu Gov One-stop access to U.S. Government bird and pandemic flu information. CDC Emergency CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response: increasing the nation’s ability to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. CDC Flu Get notified whenever any new or updated documents are posted anywhere on the CDC Flu Website. CDC eHealth CDC […]

Stocking Up On Goods: Just In Case

Update 4/30: Australians in Queensland advised to stockpile food in case of Swine Flu, read here. Mexico City has been shut down. Mexico has mandated quarantine to some extent across the country. Schools are closing and public events are cancelled. This is not a drill. The Mexican Swine Flu, a combination “avian flu, human flu […]

Swine Flu, Wake Up Call

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Links Center For Disease Control and PreventionHuman Swine Influenza Investigation page. California Governor Schwarzenegger weighs in. Search TwitterRead DrudgeSearch GoogleSearch BlogsInfo CDCRead Breitbart

Wildfire Near Myrtle Beach, SC Burns Dozens Of Homes

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Fire season approaches. Spring winds have howled, more than usual here in Central California, and the grass is browning. There is late snow in the Sierras which assures the high country will be green well into late Summer. Nature is setting the stage now but fate directs the stories to be told. This season I […]

Good News: 747 Supertanker Ready to Be Deployed

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A tip from an anonymous commenter points us to this announcement from Evergreen Aviation. “EVERGREEN SUPERTANKER READY TO FIGHT WILDFIRESThe B747 Supertanker is certified to fly by Interagency Air Tanker Board McMinnville, Ore.—Evergreen International Aviation’s B747 Supertanker won certification for operation this season after receiving its interim approval letter from the Interagency Air Tanker Board. […]

Texas & Oklahoma Wildfires; Two Fatalities, Dozens Injured

Wildfires erupted in Central Oklahoma and North Texas Thursday killing a couple and injuring dozens according to the AP. AP also reports a firefighter was injured: “…The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management said a firefighter helping battle a blaze in Lincoln County, northeast of Oklahoma City, was hospitalized with burns” Houston’s offers extensive coverage […]